Get Your Spark Back!

3 steps to reclaim your energy

Exhausted ?
Need to make some changes but don't know where to start?

I have just the experience for you!

Join me for a powerful interactive workshop that will infuse your life with hope that you can move from SURVIVING to THRIVING.

Learn my signature 3 step process of Productive Rest to increase your energy and health in just minutes a day!

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    Karen Doiron

    The Rest RN

    Registered Nurse

    Certified Mastery/ Transformational Health and Life Coach

    Who am I?

    I empower women to reclaim their health from the impacts of stress.

    As a nurse and coach, I am passionate about healing exhaustion and burn out.

    I am love making healthy living simple, flexible and joyful!

    What will you learn?

    • How you can REST in ways that are productive, empowering and essential to your health
    • How to tap into the power of relaxation and healing
    • Easy ways to keep your energy level balanced
    • Simple ways to reconnect to your body so you can truly thrive
    • How to rediscover your own joy and purpose